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Sanso IS

It is a new breath for your investments


Our arbitration mandates

A turnkey investment solution giving you access to the expertise of financial managers through a life insurance contract.

Captures d'écrans


Sanso IS is one of the first independent management companies to offer this service: A 6-year track record.


An open architecture offer

Multi-management in open architecture is our legacy expertise: our management profiles are made up of external funds in an average proportion of 80%.



Operational on 7 platforms, with the possibility of extending the range of platforms. 3 management profiles that differ in the degree of risk taken on the equity markets: Serenity, Harmony, Audacity.

The 3 profiles

Our personalised mandates

Because our customers are all unique...

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Dedicated funds

Sanso IS has developed expertise to support its large clients in the implementation of dedicated fund solutions. We can examine with you all your plans for dedicated fund at a competitive price.

Employee & retirement savings

Our team has developed expertise going back several years in setting up and managing employee savings and pensions plans, and managing social liabilities. We can assist you, in partnership with your governance bodies, in setting up company mutual funds, employee savings schemes or pension management contracts.

Low carbon management

In partnership with ERAFP, one of France’s largest institutional investors, and with MSCI ESG, we have implemented a notional management mandate for low carbon international equities on the amLeague technology platform.

This major innovation allows us to offer, within an investment vehicle, the portfolios of a selection of managers based on their performance, but also the portfolio’s carbon footprint.